Web Management

I managed the redesign and CMS upgrade of our corporate website at Sawgrass in 2019 and saved the company tens of thousands of dollars by taking on much of the work myself. I’m a fan of Top Task methodology as it places the most importance on simplifying the web experience for what the customer wants to accomplish.

The new website at Sawgrass accomplished:

The Problem

When I started at Sawgrass, the website hadn’t been managed internally since its launch five years prior. There were literally thousands of pages across seven languages, tangled with incomprehensible redirect loops and broken/incomplete pages. Additionally, the wild use of brand colors no longer reflected the direction of the company.

Before the Redesign:

After the Redesign:

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The Solution

We switched from an agency to a freelancer to do the back end development. I created the new content structure, wireframed, designed and developed the templates myself so we were able to manage the project much more quickly and under budget. Using heatmaps, Google Analytics, user surveys and conversations with sales and support I created a new content architecture and reduced the site to fewer than 50 pages.

Because the website went from thousands of pages with poorly opimized images and mismanaged contact information to a properly optimized site with very few pages, the average page load time improved by 14%. Before the CMS upgrade we had a large number of external and internal complaints of key pages taking more than one minute to load or not loading at all.

To fully refresh our brand I created a new, digital-first style and branding guide that was the basis for our website and three software applications launched in 2020. Part of the brand refresh was a focus on SEO, with new content written the way our customers speak about our products. Learn more about my branding and product merchandising.

Now that we have a clean set of pages we're able to look at the analytics in a more accurate light. We're also in the process of setting up our CMS's online marketing application so we can create personalized experiences for our major user segments.