Hi, I'm Sara.

Mostly what I care about is making technology easier for people to use.

I don’t consider myself a marketer, but I almost exclusively work on marketing teams.

As a “marketer” I want to make websites and digital media easier for customers to use.

As a teammate I find ways to automate repetitive processes, make workflows more efficient and get the most out of the powerful tools we often have but don’t use.

The digital landscape today is often so ill-planned and generally broken that it’s hard to accomplish day-to-day tasks online, let alone actually give a company your money!

After 12 years in digital I have enough experience to know how it comes together, what matters and what doesn’t - and how it differs from industry to industry.

Lastly, I maintain that most of being successful at work is your ability to actually get along with people. I always try to find common ground, understand different perspectives and have a zero tolerance policy on yelling, insults and rude behavior.

Website Management and Development
Ecommerce, Merchandising and Creative Direction
Healthcare Marketing