Digital Design with Commercial Insight

At Midmark I was the digital designer & developer during an exciting shift in marketing strategy from a product-spec focus to emphasizing a commercial insight. The latest medical device had the potential to save lives, and our research indicated the public may not know some stunning facts about vitals acquisition.

mockup of desktop and mobile sites

Insight Marketing

Our team’s initial creative meeting focused on three major commercial insights, or “pain points,” discovered in the organization’s research. What digital assets could best illustrate these insights? Ultimately we decided to highlight the fact that medical errors are now considered the third leading cause of death.

This had two main pain points: emotional and financial. In addition to the traditional product page, we wanted to utilize the company's new full-width template to create a modern landing page. Because there was so much important, sensitive information we wanted to create an additional email nurture path for those interested to learn more but maybe not quite ready to buy.

Architecture & wireframe

After the initial creative meeting I led a whiteboard session to discuss information hierarchy, user journey and digital assets. I then created Adobe Xd wireframes, mockups of potential assets in Photoshop, and a detailed flow chart to serve as reference for the team throughout the months-long process of a product launch.

mockup of landing page for diagnostics product launch
banner design example

flow chart example

Approvals & Development

I both designed and developed all digital assets, using CSS and HTML within SiteFinity and Pardot.

I previously ran an accessibility test on the site in general and found serious issues, so my goal for new pages was to fix these while still maintaining a consistent feel with the brand. I increased the font size, made it darker and tested on an accessbile contrast checker. I also made sure images were properly sized and labeled, and that copy was as concise as possible.

We utilized Workfront to navigate the complex highway of medical regulatory approvals before publishing any content. Between approvals I was building and testing along the way to ensure there were no major issues once the build was complete. After I’d finished, our team tested on various devices and browsers.

Lessons Learned

This was hands down the most important, and thus most difficult and exciting project I worked on at this company. Thankfully I had a fantastic team from start to finish!

The biggest challenge was multiple post-approval changes in the hours before launch. With me being the sole digital person, this left us susceptible to errors, given the enormous amount of work. Post-launch, I proposed a system to alleviate some of this stress and vulnerability to error. Rather than having the team test everything on the front end, I proposed taking screenshots of the back-end scheduling screen and including more people in testing. This way, the team can also check that the email is being sent to the specified lists and that the logic/automation is set up correctly.

On a personal level, marketing with a commercial insight was marketing with meaning. With a product-spec focus it’s easy to say this product is the best on the market, but that ignores the end user. Marketing with meaning put the passion into it for us as well. I felt it through the whole team, and I believe it was shining through in the quality of work we accomplished here.