Merchandising, Branding and Creative Direction

At the forefront of my accomplishments are speaking like the customer vs the company and visually relating to them in a way they understand.

Ecommerce SaaS Merchandising

At Sawgrass in late 2018 we monetized our SaaS design product, CreativeStudio, by adding a premium image subscription plan. My omni-channel marketing strategy increased revenue by 156% in 2019. CreativeStudio, a product similar to Canva, is specifically for sublimation product decorators and features an expansive collection of pre-made designs and editable elements.

Since its inception I have managed and created the merchandised mockups used in paid advertisements, social media, website and marketing campaigns.

For our Halloween collection I sourced elements to create frames and print-ready designs in Photoshop, then created product mockups for use in marketing. These designs served as inspirational pieces in blogs, project cards, email campaigns and social media.

These “sweet & spooky” examples showed our software users how to combine elements to create elegant, Halloween-themed designs for their customers.

Product mockups can also show customers how they can take simple backgrounds and turn them into trendy personalized designs, such as monograms.

Creative Direction

As the Web Marketing Manager I’ve worked closely with CreativeStudio product managers, freelance designers and our social media coordinator to provide direction on trends and user analysis.

I initiated the ecommerce content calendar, establishing a six-month lead time for design curation and creation so that our customers have designs well ahead of schedule. Using customer data analysis and trend reports, I’m working closely with a freelance designer to manage the creative direction for the upcoming fall and winter collections.


Following a corporate restructure I lead the way for a brand refresh, simplifying our stylebook to a manageable color palette and creating a digital brand guide. Our original brand guide included fonts that weren’t web safe and had no established hex colors. I redesigned our website and email marketing templates in accordance with the new guide.

In 2019 I managed the redevelopment of our corporate website, which hadn’t been updated in four years and unfortunately was a mess on the front and back end. I did a complete inventory of the architecture, and in combination with interdepartmental feedback and user analysis I created a new website:

The Redesign and Brand Refresh:

Before the Redesign: